About Abossein Engineering

At Abossein, we listen. Your priorities are important to us. The staff at Abossein is readily available for discussion, even mid process. Abossein staff can always be counted on to be sharp and competent, but also client friendly. At Abossein, what is in your best interest is ultimately in our best interest.

We are devoted to keeping our staff up on the latest technology, and industry trends, studying them enough to know exactly what will bring a return on investment.

Mission Statement

At Abossein, we believe in keeping our word. If we focus on doing the best possible job, treat our clients fairly and courteously, remain passionate about design, and bring our best selves to work every day, our profits will come as a natural outflow of our commitments.

At Abossein, we believe our growth is based on mutual benefit to all our stakeholders, our clients, our staff, and our community.

Therefore, we shall strive to:

  1. Be up to date stewards of the economic, environmental and practical needs of our clients.
  2. Be timely in our answers to client inquiries and deadlines.
  3. Welcome new ideas and solutions.
  4. Provide an environment in which teamwork and collaboration flourishes.
  5. Meet our clients’ budget requirements.
  6. Ensure project completion on deadline and fast responses to RFIs.
  7. And uphold best possible professional practices.