Happy Holidays from Abossein Engineering & Happy 30th Anniversary (1985-2015)

It has been 30 years of collaborative service for Abossein Engineering, driven by Joy for what we do and radiating through the quality of our products and relationships  for what we have provided over the years.

We have had many opportunities to perfect our skills and sharpen our edge, stay one step ahead of industry trends, and thereby continue to give the best possible value to our clients.

With occasional challenges, synergy has become our main focus to move our team forward, appreciating the opportunity and the  understanding gleaned from the process knowing that the sun always rises behind the clouds.

We would like to express our personal and professional gratitude to our amazing clients and colleagues during this holiday season and the past 30 years. You have presented us with opportunities to grow and learn, respect and admire, appreciate and value the incredible qualities that we’ve found in the members of our community over the years.

So as we take stock, give thanks, and celebrate the good fortune and good relationships that have carried us through the years, we are clear that our core values of teamwork and client service will be even more important in the next 30 years to come. We have been blessed by truly outstanding relationships with colleagues and clients alike, as well as our current superb team Abossein. Special thanks to our Staff and the support of their families for practicing and radiating our core beliefs at every opportunity.

Also, We thank and honor all our old relationships, clients, colleagues and staff whom had supported us over the past 30 years and are no longer actively involved.

Our diverse portfolio has been our strength as we have engineered projects for the private sector, public sector and the military. We have honed skills and practices which will enable us to withstand the test of time and continue to flourish. But most importantly, we are grateful to you, for putting your trust in us year after year, and in the years to come. It is an honor to work side by side with colleagues of such caliber.

From all of us at Abossein, may you have a peaceful, joyful and prosperous 2015 and looking forward to our next 30 years together as our relationship flourishes.

Our mailing address is:

Abossein Engineering

2100 112th Avenue NE

Bellevue, WA 98004