Abossein Investments, LLC

Abossein Investments, LLC has been formed as a subsidiary of Abossein Construction Management Services in order to assist the owners in selling and development of their lands for a win-win partnership.

We recognize the importance of fund availabilities that can restrict the owners from maximizing their return on their investments. Funding is also an issue when land sellers are left without the funds needed to prepare design development plans.

Abossein Engineering has the professional capabilities, investment interests, team efforts, and highly skilled sub-consultants, to fill this gap.

We evaluate the land, prepare preliminary design documents, floor plans, elevations and drawings expedite the sale of the land. This increases the land value with no immediate cost to the owner.

  • Our interests in the proposed land will be evaluated at initial stages
  • We will propose the best use, square footage and number of stories for each property–Or, we will follow the requirements of the owner
  • Minimum contacts with local jurisdictions will be initiated to establish basic design options
  • About 50% complete Design Development Plans are prepared to assist the sale
  • Renderings, elevations and floor plans are prepared for promotional purposes
  • All documents will be transferred to the new owner as a part of the land
  • The buyer has the option of hiring Abossein construction management and his own professional consultants to follow through with the proposed design and modifications based on separate mutual agreements independent from this sale
  • Abossein Investments, LLC will be paid a negotiated percentage of the sale of the property at closing/escrow for all their upfront efforts
  • The evaluation of the land at the beginning of the project and the option to accept this task is based on the assumption that the seller will have a higher net sale value even after the deduction of the percentage paid to us

Abossein Investments, LLC will invest their professional expertise to assist the seller in increasing the value of the land and expediting its sale.