Fire Protection Engineering and Life Safety have become more and more of a concern in recent days. The codes and building owners have recognized the importance of fire safeties in relation to the human lives and overall costs of construction.

At Abossein Engineering, we will provide the engineering services designed to suit your needs and concerns in this most important aspect of the building industry:

  • Fire Sprinklers (Wet, Dry, Pre-Action, Deluge, Foam)
  • Storage tank, pond, fire pump and other water source designs
  • Special Agent Fire Protection Systems for sensitive areas such as computers, equipment, electrical, electronics, battery storage, paint, ammunition and weapon storage and other sensitive areas.
  • Building Analysis due to type of construction and building materials in relation to fire and life safety.
  • Licensed Fire Protection Professional Engineer (FPE) Supervisions
  • Smoke Management and Analysis
  • Pressurization for Stairs, Elevators and Different Spaces
  • Mall, Atrium and High Rise building life safety and smoke control
  • Fire Alarm, Detection and Annunciation